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Paul LeClerc, Director of the Global Center Europe, and Barbara Rockenbach and John Tofanelli, respectively director of the Humanities and History libraries, and research librarian for the Anglo-American collections at Columbia, have generously agreed to partner with us in developing this pilot program.

In some disciplines (and sub-disciplines), candidates may be encouraged to publish the results of their research when their thesis is completed.

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It was very different in mine as I came up with much original work but all the supervisor did was half-heartedly look at it and submit it to publications.

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This might just be my personality, but I get exhausted by editing and can get bogged down in the details. Have you started with your work? Students, particularly non-native speakers, may want to work with the Writing Commons (for structure, or copy editing a few pages at a time) or hire a copy editor for in-depth assistance. Use a house style. It is also central to artistic realism.

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